Experience more. Enjoy more. Live more. TDS® Fiberville®

Imagine... instant downloads. Blink-of-an-eye uploads. Superior-definition television. Evolved entertainment.

Imagine no more! TDS is digging the trenches and laying the foundation to bring cutting-edge fiber-to-the-home technology to your neighborhood. When it’s complete, you could live in a TDS Fiberville, where anything's possible.

Get on the road to Fiberville.

Be among the first to receive fiber-to-the-home service when it becomes available by signing up! You’ll pay nothing now, and are not committed or under any contract to buy. However, if you do sign up before your neighborhood’s deadline, you'll be eligible for free whole-home installation and an additional special promotion when services do become available.

Sign up now. It’s risk free! Once TDS fiber is ready in your area you’ll be notified. Then, you can order the services you want and schedule an installation date.

Plus – encourage others in your neighborhood to sign up also. If 15% of your neighbors sign up before the deadline, your area will become a certified TDS Fiberville, and you'll each be eligible for a bonus upgrade -- FREE HD FOR LIFE!


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